iPhone Repair Update March 22-2020

At this time, we will not be repairing any iPhones, due to the risk of contamination. People do keep these right next to their face, after all. But, we are still open for iMac and MacBook repairs!!

Covid 19 Update

As of Tuesday March 17th, we are still open. If you have an appointment booked, I will be in the office for it. If I close the office, obviously, there will be no appointment slots.

Yes, We Are Still In Business

Received an email today asking if we are still in business. A resounding YES!! Very busy with repairs, so the website takes a backseat. But, great news! Another 200 sqft has been added, so more room for more repairs!

Canada Day Long Weekend

The office will be closed Tuesday July 2, for a mini-vacation. I haven’t really had one this year, so a single day shouldn’t be too much of an...

Service Delivery Times

Well, it has been an interesting week back in the office. Due to a large number of repairs that have come in over the last week, service times are increased to 3 days for evaluation. So, if you have an issue, it will take me a day or 2 to get it looked...